Saturday, September 30, 2006


Offshore blue

Eleven miles offshore Ogonquit, Maine and there's nothing but blue. We
have our first fairly calm day and we're headed for Cape Ann and around to
Salem, Massachusetts. Another storm is supposed to enter the area tonight
but we planned to stay a couple of days in Salem anyway.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Staying put...

The weather forecast looked too bad to head out across Cape Ann (we've
learned better). So after a breakfast out in town we packed up and grabbed
a mooring in Falmouth Foreside at Handy Boat. As the wind started to whip
up and the storm started to touch us, we made sandwiches with some
excellent bread we picked up and planned for a day of reading and relaxing.
Staying put can be pretty good.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Portland, Maine

Although we've lived in Maine for more than 13 years, we've never been to
Portland by boat. We've been here many times by land but it is somehow
different to arrive on the water. We're at DiMillo's which is expensive
but right in the middle of all the shops and restaurants.

The trip today was pretty easy - 2-3 foot waves with not much wind. The
forecast for tomorrow looks pretty bad.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A rough start

Although it was completely calm when leaving Castine, it quickly got much
rougher as we left the Penobscot Bay. The 4-6 foot waves brought back
memories of previous choppy weather all too quickly. Karen and Tucker went
down for the count and re-submerged as we entered the Sheepscot River. We
grabbed a mooring and watched the sun set over the bow. We gave up on
eating out and had a quiet (anniversary) dinner on the boat.


Breakfast goodbye

A short breakfast aboard aCappella with our friends wishing us well. The
lines were untied and we were off. Today's destination is a mooring at
Robinhood Marine and a nice quiet dinner.


Going, going, almost gone...

The boat is full of food, water, fuel and supplies. The weather outlook is
good. It's time to go.

Friday, September 22, 2006



Welcome to the adventures of aCappella.

aCappella means singing without accompaniment. We explore the East Coast of the United States and the Bahamas generally without accompaniment although we occasionally travel with other boating friends that we meet along the way.

aCappella's home port is Castine, Maine where we live throughout most of the year.

This blog is designed to be a daily picture archive from our mobile phone to provide a log of our travels and interesting images that we discover along the way. When we're underway, we'll provide our current location and will occasionally post small chart sections showing our position and traveled routes.

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