Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We're in New Bern!

We had a beautiful night in Belhaven, NC anchored behind the town
breakwater. Today was a nice day. Eighty degrees. I feel guilty complaining
about the heat.

It was an easy trip to New Bern. We topped off the fuel tanks and pulled
into the slip where aCappella will sleep for the next few months until we
head off for the Bahamas. Tucker is very happy. Real walks on real grass
every day. Life is good for man and beast.

This will be the last entry until February 2007 when we prep the boat for
the next part of the journey.

Until then...


Thanks for your Blog and your comments on the T & T list. I have enjoyed following you trip in real time with daily updates.

Joe Benson
Thanks for the travelogue - as another Maineiac planning this trip for next year it has been immensely helpful. Comments on the marina facility in New Bern for long term dockage?

Ray Halperin
M/V Reflection
Lying on the hard - Round Pond, Maine
Enjoyed reading the account of your trip. Look forward to February 2007 and the next leg.
Thank you all for your comments.

Ray, this is the second time we've gone to New Bern for a longer term (4-5 months this time). I think that New Bern is a sweet spot in many ways:

- It is warm enough so you don't have to winterize the boat (although I bleed the water out of our fresh water system before leaving).
- There is an airport less than 1 mile from the marina facilities.
- There are Wal-Marts, Lowes, West Marines, all fairly close.
- Prices are pretty reasonable - much lower than places north (Chesapeake) and south (Charleston).
- There is a large trawler community. We've made quite a few friends there - really great people who have or are interested in trawlers.
- All of the marinas have floating docks even though there is no tide. This is especially nice when you have a dog.
- In an emergency, we could drive to New Bern in one long day from Maine.
- Our insurance requires us to be north of Morehead City between June 1 and October 31. New Bern is just north of Morehead City so we could stay there all year if needed.

The problem with New Bern is that the marinas and slips are starting to disappear with the coming condo-ization of the marine facilities. I'm not sure how many more years there will be spaces available for longer-term transient cruisers.

New Bern is a really nice place. There are great restaurants and much to do. The Hatteras factory is in town so there is a lot of boating expertise around. It would be sad to see it disappear from a cruising perspective.
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