Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The things they don't show you in the cruising books...

We're back in New Bern getting the boat ready for cruising to the Bahamas. This takes a couple of weeks of maintenance, cleaning, provisioning, etc.

This is our third day back on the boat. So far we've done the following:

- Replaced the GPS (it was acting up - got a Raystar 125 on eBay)
- Loaded everything back on the boat from home
- Did a first pass cleaning
- Purchased about 30% of the food we'll need
- Removed the engine heat exchangers and sent them out for cleaning
- Removed both engine water pumps for new gaskets
- Re-wired the entertainment system (left speaker channel wasn't working)
- Made a master "to-do" list
- Checked scuba tanks (1 needs filling)
- Made 2 trips to Wal-Mart
- Made 2 trips to West Marine
- Made 1 trip to Lowe's
- Made 1 trip to Target
- Made 1 trip to Napa

This is all just the beginning. Our list of things still left to do is two pages long.

This morning we drained the water tanks and opened them completely to manually clean the crud out of the bottom. It's been almost three years since we did this and it was time. Last time I was the one who opened them up and cleaned them. Today, Karen drew the short straw. Ya gotta love a girl who's willing to do this.

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