Thursday, March 01, 2007


The day to leave has arrived (almost)...

After about 10 days of preparation, the deadline has arrived. Today is the day we're starting our trip south. Or is it?

There are a variety of places that I use for marine weather. NOAA is always a good source and their text broadcasts are the basis of almost all other data. Other web sites take that data and combine it with other sensors and models to give additional forcasting. I like and have been using it for four years. One of the things it does is that it provides an overview display with green, yellow, or red flags. We use this in our decision about moving the boat. If the flag is green for the duration of the passage, we go. If it's yellow, we usually don't go unless we completely understand the issue and will be well-protected. In addition, sometimes it is yellow before moving to green and we're often willing to put up with slightly more difficult conditions with the knowledge (hope?) that it will probably get better. We never, ever move if there is a red flag. Period.

Today's leg would have had us going offshore, overnight from Beaufort, NC around Frying Pan Shoals and onto Charleston, SC. The overview from BuoyWeater above is for the area just offshore of Beaufort for today and tomorrow. Twelve foot waves at 8 second period? I don't think so. We'll watch this one pass over tied securely to our slip. It doesn't look like this wind will pass completely until the end of the weekend.

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