Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Deal or No Deal...

When we left New Bern we knew the weather might be a problem. It was a breezy passage to Beaufort. As we exited the inlet it became rougher and rougher. I looked over at Karen and knew this wasn't going to work.

We got to the end of the inlet and turned away from Charleston toward Cape Lookout. An anchorage listing in ActiveCaptain led me to an incredible anchorage (thanks, Phil!). It was huge, protected, and no one was there. I let out 200' of chain and we didn't move an inch.

In the morning we had a difficult "deal" to choose: 1) take off now in somewhat better conditions, or 2) stay at anchor or in the area probably for 3-4 more days until acceptable conditions materialized.

We left.

It was pretty rough at first. We were in 3-5' following seas which were growing rougher. NOAA had promised better conditions as we moved south. For once, NOAA came through. We started seeing 3' waves which diminished further as the sun started to set.

We arrived in Charleston at around 8 am. We're at The City Marina studying the weather reports and charts for our next leg to Fernandina Beach. It's the exact same deal or no deal situation once again for tomorrow...

Riding those waves from behind yesterday looks like a kick. The anchorage sounds wonderful and I think I would have opted to stay put . . . but then you DO have the boat for it - aCapella obviously does great.
Bravo, and thanks for the films of this adventure!
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