Thursday, March 15, 2007


It's bad...

Tucker had many tests this morning. He was poked, stuck, X-rayed, and analyzed. The results were evaluated by two veterinarians. The facility that he's at is exceptional. It's more of an animal hospital than a clinic.

He's getting blood transfusions now. He'll be in surgery this afternoon. He has some type of growth on his spleen. It is most probably hemangiosarcoma - a common aggressive cancer in dogs. There was no way to know that he had it and there was little that could have been done. He hid it so well showing minor, if any signs of tiredness. The videos of him yesterday don't show a sluggish dog. If he were here now, he'd be calling to the dolphins swimming around the boat.

There are some other remote possibilities but you can see in the face of the surgeon that the probable outcome here isn't good.

We'll be at the hospital this afternoon.

Here's hoping that no matter what happens it is easiest for all concerned. Thinking of you guys & Tucker.

Andy Becker
Thinking of you.

Dr. George
So sorry, so sad. Thinking of you always.

Mom Siegel
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