Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Tucker is sick...

He doesn't want to be sick. He wants to be in the Bahamas where he'll swim, see his old cruising dog friends, and shuck coconuts. But there's something wrong and we can't go until we know.

His urine has gotten very dark. It could be a sign of dehydration or it could be something worse. He often doesn't drink when the engines are going and we're aware of that. We noticed this dark color a few days ago and even though we just finished a double-overnight passage, we got him to drink a lot (he can't resist playing with the hose even if we're 20 miles offshore).

We talked to our vet back home and have done a ridiculous amount of research on the internet about canine biological systems over the last few days. There are people who have had open heart surgery who haven't had as much research done as we've done with Tucker's amber urine. The bottom line is that we have to see a veterinarian.

There is a veterinarian in the Abacos. The important word there is "is". There is only one and he runs between all of the different islands. It would be a mistake to leave for the Bahamas when we can have great care right here. So we've modified all our plans. We're leaving for Vero Beach tomorrow where we'll stay until Tucker has some tests done. His appointment is at 8:30 am on Thursday. Gene and Kathy from back home who Winter in Vero Beach are helping - it would be very, very difficult to pull it all together without help from people we trust. When we get a green light to go, we'll figure out a different path to the Bahamas from there.

There is no way that I'd consider any other compromise to getting him back to full health.


Get well soon.

Andy Becker
High Life II
Lindenhurst, NY
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