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He was the most affectionate dog we have ever known. He was most happy when he was with other dogs. He loved to catch a frisbee. And dinghy rides. And being near people. And he was such an integral and important part of our lives.

Cancer took Tucker today. We never really got to say goodbye. It wouldn't have been fair to allow him to come out of surgery - he wouldn't have lived past the recovery. There were no signs and symptoms until it was too late. He had the very best of care available anywhere. We've searched for some type of answer. There just isn't one.

We don't know what we're going to do. We can't move the boat right now. We just need to swing around the mooring we're on until we can somehow pick up and move on.

Karen & Jeff

I have practiced this profession for over 15 yrs and it is not always easy to do what I do.
Today was a difficult day for me, but I was fortunate enough to meet two wonderful people and a pup named Tucker.
There really is a "one of a kind dog"
I met one today.
I have printed a photo of Tucker from this page, and it will always be hung in an exam room in my practice to remind me and my staff why we do what we do.


Dr George Jutras
I am so very very sorry about Tucker's passing. Truly, they do pass through our lives giving us such intense love, and joy . . . and they are gone too soon.
In the few videos of Tucker that you shared it was so obvious that he was a boy chock full of doggy happiness. He was delighted to be sharing the boating and the beaches, the frisbee and the dolphins, as I know you were delighted to be sharing with him. That was the gift, from each of you to the other.
My heart goes out to you both in this tremendous loss.
Jeff and Karen,

I am so sorry for your loss.

Just the other day he seemed so eager.

Thank you Dr. Jutras for doing what you could.

Mike Thompson
Dear Karen and Jeff,
Our hearts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. The loss of someone as special as Tucker will be hard to get over. He will live in our hearts forever.

Rich and Karen Lee
Very sad for your loss. I hope the numbness passes quickly.

water bowl poster,
Jeff and Karen - We are soooo sad to hear the news. We too have labs who are loyal mates on our boat. The idea of losing one of them is beyond imagining. We have enjoyed the videos of Tucker - he was way cool!
We'll put Dr. Jutras' name in our contact book just in case... Bless him for his loving kindness.
Hang in there - and take your time deciding what to do. It'll get clearer in time.

Love and hugs,
Bob VanDeGejuchte and Stephanie Wakelin
Having recently lost our dog, Forest, we empathize with you in your grief. We have made a vow that one each evening at anchor, as the sun sets, we toast our friend for all the good times we shared and the loyalty and companionship that he showed. Regards,
Bill and Patricia
M/V Travis McGee
Our hearts are just breaking for you . Tucker was the best of the best. The romps in Witherle Woods, the trips to Matinicus Rock..we all will miss him. They go too soon.
Love Susie David & Skip
How sad. Losing a good doggy is devastating. No matter what you do or how you feel they always love you. A tail wag with no expectations.

I think the reason dogs and cats have shorter lives than we do is because there are so many of them that need good a home like you provided for Tucker. We thought having 3 cats at the same time would soften the blow when we lost one. It didn't but there are still 3 cats as somehow a new one always showed up with that love me expression.

It sure looks like he took over your life, guess he recognized a good deal when he was a young pup.

My condolences.

Maine Doug
Hi Jeff & Karen......

Just wanted to send our condolences and let you know that we are thinking of you in your loss. Your lives will feel empty for a while.....and no one.....will be able to fill that place. And no one should. Tucker can never be replaced, but he can be remembered and celebrated by doing the things he loved best. What was it you said...swimming....seeing old cruising friends....shucking coconuts.....

Celebrate your wonderful companion....miss him in the worst way......and long as you remember him, he is with you. Perhaps you may even hear that special "dolphin yip" in your wake the next time you encounter dolphins and have to move to the stern to see the dolphins swimming to Tucker's call. You are so lucky to have enjoyed him in this short period us people call "life". He was truly fortunate to have you guys, too.....

Kathy & John Youngblood
m/v Mystic Moon
Jeff and Karen, I'm so sorry about Tucker. I've just been watching some of your videos and he was such an obviously loved and loving boat dog. May he rest in peace.
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