Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Vero Beach

It was an easy ride down the ICW to Vero Beach. We left around 9 and entered the lock that separates the ocean tidal waters from the ICW. Locks take some practice but we've done a few and it was pretty easy.

After the lock, we transited through the Barge Canal (I always say Canal Barge for some reason) and turned south onto the ICW. After a handful of hours we reached Vero Beach and pulled into their municipal marina facility. We're on a mooring (#49) in this protected and lovely spot.

On the way down Florida's ICW we continually pass dolphins. Tucker has a special relationship with dolphins. He has this high-pitched, different type of bark that he uses to call them. Dolphins mainly play in boat bow wakes but Tucker stands on his stool in the stern when calling for them. Interestingly the dolphins line up at the stern of our boat and jump and play there squeaking back.

Tucker's vet appointment is at 8:30 am tomorrow. Gene is picking us up at 7:50. Now I just have to convince Karen that she would be way better than me at collecting a urine sample from Tucker for the appointment...

How cool -- you can hear the "dolphinese" with a dog accent in that bark. No wonder they come to him and answer! Hope he is okay.
If you're using a metal water water bowl for him, try switching to a plastic or ceramic bowl. I'm told dogs don't like the metallic taste. I've offered this tip to a few other dog owners with good results. Good luck.
Thanks for the bowl advice. Tucker likes anything new. We put water in a nice blue bowl...he kept going to it. We put it in a stainless mixing bowl...he kept going to it. He eventually realizes that it's the same old stuff and the game ends. The hose, however, is of constant interest...
Thanks for writing this.
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