Monday, March 05, 2007


We're off...

Two quick videos taken as we pulled out of our comfortable marina to enter the unknown of the sea. The first is pushing the throttles forward to move us out of our slip. The second is moving through the Trent River Bridge. Karen and I communicate through headsets so she is talking to me as I'm filming - but you're only seeing one side of the conversation on the video.

The forecast isn't great and I'm a little worred. We decided that we'd get to Beaufort and see what it looked like offshore. We have an anchorage picked out (behind Cape Lookout) and we know a couple of marinas around there. We'll be there around noon and will have about an hour to make the decision to go or stay. The forecasts have been dodging in and out of our comfort zone. That in and of itself causes discomfort! We'll see when we get there. We're in no rush. It's the journey, right?


This is amazing.

I can see exactly where you are in the Neuse.

Have fun.

Mike Thompson

M/V Full Step
Defever 40
Merritt Island, Fl
This is just too cool!
Weather here in Maryland looks bad for the afternoon. 45 mph winds. Hope the system is much farther north than you are. GOOD LUCK!

Peggy Bjarno
I think i see Tucker on the deck ;-)
He's holding flipper,,,,right?
Jeff, really enjoying the videos. Gives a totally different perspective to the blog articles.

Enjoy your trip,
Paul Schlechter
Atlantic 44
Heart's Desire
Thanks for the comments! I'm enjoying the video filming. It is sometimes hard to make it work while doing so the quality will certainly suffer. I think it gives a more "real" view in many ways.

Video uploading over cell connection is pretty slow. I had to upload each of the videos in this posting two and three times until it worked. It's annoying. The nice thing is that I'm able to upload them while underway. I was surprised to have such a good GPRS digital connection along the way today. Cellular connections in North Carolina seem to be getting better than when we were here two years ago.

And if you can see Tucker on the deck, he most certainly has flipper with him. ;-) We finally saw some real dolphins today. Also, who knew that loons leave Maine and come here in the Winter??
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