Sunday, March 04, 2007


We're wimps...

(Click on the graph to show it larger)

We could leave today but we're wimps. The sea conditions are just within the limits of our comfort zone but that is only if the predictions of lower wave heights materialize. Since this is going to be an overnight passage to Charleston and since we haven't been on the boat in a while we're being a little over-cautious and staying in New Bern for another day. is a wonderful resource for boaters. I love it. When we are cruising I pay $10/month for it to get extra predictions and extra graphs and charts. It is free for 2 day predictions and simple graphs. The graph above is one of the many additional ones you get when you pay for their service. This graph shows wind on top in blue over wave height in colors dependent on their period. The lower the period, the more choppy the waves. This chart is for the offshore area between Beaufort, NC and Wilmington, NC. It tells me that the winds will be pretty brisk over the next few days (and mostly behind us) and that waves are around 6 feet this morning reducing to under 4 feet tomorrow and Tuesday (and mostly following seas). The pink color of the wave height tells me that the low period will mean choppy waves instead of rolling, nice waves. I'd rather be in 6 foot waves with a 15 second period than 3 foot waves with a 5 second period. Still, the reduction in sea conditions happens tomorrow and Tuesday. That is a safer time to go. Especially for wimps.

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